About Us

Made to be worn three hundred & sixty-five days a year
Ethically designed & manufactured in Los Angeles California


Made in LA = Designing, developing, & manufacturing denim in the city of Los Angeles is the honest version of Sustainability.

Low Cost = As brand owner and manufacture, we have the ability to control fabrics & construction. We only use good quality fabrics already made that are either over stock fabrics or mill excess. In an age where excess fabrics are polluting the earth, brands continue to develop new fabrics. Our environmental responsibility is to help the issue not contribute towards it. We hand select each roll of fabric and create capsules of styles based on the fabric functionality. Due to this philosophy, we are then able to work on construction and manufacturing processes based on style and trends in the market,

High Quality = This is complimented by our jeans MADE IN THE USA. Each vendor in Los Angeles takes pride in executing at the highest level. Our factory has executed premium denim for over 20 years with innovation and top of the line equipment.

The common goal of everyone affiliated with three6five denim here in Los Angeles is, to provide the customer with the most ethical highest quality product, at a reasonable prices. 

Our low-cost high quality and made in the USA makes us one of a kind